Carp (koi) in Japanese poetry

Из сборника "Японская поэзия хайку XVI-XVII веков"

(From the publishing house "Neva", "Olma-press", 2000) The collection is remarkable in that the verses chosen for it were written by unknown samurai who wrote in their notebooks haiku which most precisely reflected their spiritual state.

Translated into English by Douglas Marshall


Playing in the flow
The carp's crystal knobby spine

Honor of a Warrior

In the shallows of a mountain stream
The persistence of the carp* is distinctly visible
As it strives to reach the spawning ground

*here: Carp symbolizes persistence in attaining a set goal, one of the principles of bushido.


The carp* strikes
Against the side of the boat
Overloaded like a stuffed sack.

*here: Carp in Japan is a symbol of good fortune and wealth.
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