Aikido AIKIKAI Summer Camp

A summer camp is an opportunity for both children and grown-ups to engage in intensive aikido practice, improve their health, get introduced to the culture and traditions of Japan. Besides children, we also invite their parents, as well as adult practitioners from Koinobori Dojo. Out in the country, away from city turmoil, the summer camp participants strive to deepen their understanding of aikido, engage in various sports activities, swimming and open-air games, strengthen their friendship with other dojo members. The wonderful summer holidays leave bright and happy recollection for all participants.

The first summer camp was held in 1998. The sites in various years included the Moscow Region (Stupino, Puschino), the Baltic Sea coast, the 2010 scheduled location is Taganrog (the Black Sea coast).

The event lasts 5-14 days and includes aikido and bokken practice, general physical training, introduction to the culture and traditions of Japan. The participants number up to 50 grown-ups and children aged 7-15.

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