Special gratitude

Mr. Hiroshi SOMEMIYA, 7 dan AIKIKAI

With special warmth do we regard Mr. Hiroshi Somemiya, who is in fact the guardian angel of our Dojo. Due to the pressure of work as the Assistant Chief of International Section, and at present - the General Secretary of International Aikido Federation, he has not yet had an opportunity to visit our Dojo. Still, practically since the very moment of founding our Dojo we have felt his sincere concern and support. In one of the very hard periods for us, Somemiya sensei wrote and dedicated to Koinobori members one of his haiku poems, which helped us to get over the difficult times.

The Haiku* runs as follows: "Iku te ni wa kumo hitotsu nashi Koinobori"  ("Koinobori! There is not a cloud in front of you that would obstruct your way" (translation of the author), March 27, 1994). This poem was written and presented in a time very difficult for our Dojo, when we were in utter need of encouragement.

It is possible that even the haiku dedicated to the Dojo, this sign of attention on the part of a person who had studied Aikido from the Founder himself, inspired us to continue our way in Aikido.

We should point out that among the modern Japanese it is very hard to find people who can write haiku, because haiku is not simply a poem. It unites a work of poetry and of calligraphy and represents a spiritual testament of a Master, an example of the highest sincerity and devotion, harmonious expression and simplicity.

* Haiku is a genre and form of Japanese poetry. It is a tercet of three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. Until XIX century was known as hokku.

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